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Land Reclamation

Developing landscape, forests, grasslands, fodders, crops and vegetative covers on degraded lands

Greenbelt Development

Plantation, biodiversity conservation, maintenance of green cover


Slope stabilization, turfing, erosion control, quick planting and rapidly vegetating the mine spoils, dumps and degraded slopes

Water Management

Water conservation and runoff management, rainwater harvesting, water auditing, water use economy, supplemental irrigation

Compliance Management

Environment audit; pollution tracking, monitoring and rehabilitation; biodiversity sustainability; EMP

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Greenfield Eco Solutions Pvt. Ltd. offers one stop solutions for reclamation, rehabilitation and remediation of degraded lands and restoration of environment damaged due to mining, industrialization, urbanization and infrastructural development. The Company specializes in managing water resources, and forests, grasslands, crops, fodder, greenbelts and vegetative covers, and minimizing the impacts of global warming and climate change.


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