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Bio Char
100 % organic soil conditioner, improves soil and plant health, prevents nutrient losses, reduces co..
Rs210 Rs160
Ex Tax: Rs160
Bonsai Growing Media
Rs250 Rs180
Ex Tax: Rs180
Cacti & Succulent Growing Media
The best growing media for cacti and succulents is a well draining potting mix. Using a good growing..
Rs210 Rs140
Ex Tax: Rs140
Coco Peat
Coco Peat is recommended for seed starting, bedding plants, container growing, seedling nurseries, g..
Rs350 Rs200
Ex Tax: Rs200
CoirLite is an excellent growing media for seeds, root cuttings and live flower bulbs. It is natural..
Rs300 Rs220
Ex Tax: Rs220
Crushed Rock Phosphate
Rock Phosphate is a mined rock that contains limestone, silica and clay as well as high concentratio..
Rs180 Rs120
Ex Tax: Rs120
Dolomitic Limestone Powder
The application of chemical fertilizers, to provide plant nutrients, is a major contributor of soil ..
Rs180 Rs130
Ex Tax: Rs130
GroChar Compost
GroChar Compost is a BioChar enriched Vermicompost developed for quicker establishment and root grow..
Rs190 Rs130
Ex Tax: Rs130
Growing Media Plus
Greenfield Growing Media Plus is a complete organic plant food for nursery, greenhouses, home garden..
Rs230 Rs190
Ex Tax: Rs190
Lawn Mix
Greenfield Lawn Mix is a balanced mix of Organic Carbon, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Beneficial..
Rs190 Rs130
Ex Tax: Rs130
Orchid Potting Mix
Greenfield Orchid Potting Mix (Growing Media) is ideal for both the terrestrial and epiphytic orchid..
Rs250 Rs200
Ex Tax: Rs200
Screened Gypsum
Screened Gypsum for Lawns, Vegetable Gardens, Fruit Orchards, Flowers, Potted Plants, Nursery, Green..
Rs185 Rs130
Ex Tax: Rs130
Vermicomposting is a process through which organic waste such as livestock dung, kitchen and garden ..
Rs180 Rs80
Ex Tax: Rs80
Expanded Vermiculite is permanent, clean, odourless, neutral pH, inert, fire-proof, non-abrasive, no..
Rs230 Rs200
Ex Tax: Rs200
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