Container/Potted Plants

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"Certified Organic" Potting Soil Mix Plus
Certified by NPOP and Lacon Quality.The soil is ideal for organic growers, woody plants and perennia..
Rs230 Rs205
Perlite Potting Mix
Greenfield Perlite Potting Mix has been developed for cactus, succulents, xerophytes, desert plants,..
Rs210 Rs180
"Certified Organic" CoirLite
Certified by NPOP and Lacon Quality.CoirLite is an excellent growing media for seeds, root cuttings ..
Rs300 Rs220
"Certified Organic" Growing Media Plus
Certified by NPOP and Lacon Quality.Greenfield Growing Media Plus is a complete organic plant food f..
Rs230 Rs205
"Certified Organic" Perlite Potting Mix Plus
Certified by NPOP and Lacon Quality.Perlite Potting Mix Plus is a combination of minerals, major and..
Rs250 Rs200
Bonsai Growing Media
Greenfield Bonsai Growing Media is a particle-based, well-structured Bonsai Potting Mix. Ideal for b..
Rs250 Rs200
Cacti & Succulent Growing Media
The best growing media for cacti and succulents is a well draining potting mix. Using a good growing..
Rs210 Rs160
Coco Peat
Coco Peat is recommended for seed starting, bedding plants, container growing, seedling nurseries, g..
Rs300 Rs230
Orchid Potting Mix
Greenfield Orchid Potting Mix (Growing Media) is ideal for both the terrestrial and epiphytic orchid..
Rs250 Rs220
Exfoliated Perlite is ideal for green roofs/terrace gardening, tissue culture, hydroponics, containe..
Rs195 Rs120
Potting Soil Mix
Potting Soil Mix uses superior quality organic ingredients, lighter and airer, free from pathogens a..
Rs190 Rs160
Expanded Vermiculite is permanent, clean, odourless, neutral pH, inert, fire-proof, non-abrasive, no..
Rs230 Rs150
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