Grow Fresh Fruits in your own Garden

Grow Fresh Fruits in your own Garden

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Fruits and Veggies are increasingly becoming an important part of food habits worldwide. Do you know eating fresh organic fruits and veggies actually improve your metabolism?

Increased consumption of fruits and veggies has been recommended as a key component of a healthy diet for the prevention of chronic diseases. They are low in calories and fats but contain good amounts of vitamins and minerals, and provide fiber that actually keeps your digestive system happy and helps in weight loss. Organic fruits and veggies deliver between 20 and 40% more antioxidants and phyto-chemical compounds than conventional fruits and veggies.  Eating them in plenty saves you from many diseases including heart disease, oxidant stress,  high blood pressure and some cancers.

With so many qualities you might really be looking forward to growing them in your own garden and a few might even thrive in containers!
To begin with you need to first plan where to grow them: in your home or kitchen garden, on the terrace/rooftop or in containers. Use 14 inches or above size planters if growing dwarfed variety of fruits plants in containers. Ensure adequate sunlight.

Choose the fruits to grow: Hybrid varieties of grafted saplings are easily available in local nurseries. We suggest growing Sapota, Guava, Pomegranate, Banana, Mango, Figs, Papaya, Lemon, Annona, Strawberries, Apple, Peaches, Cherries, Berries and Oranges.

Prepare the soil:  The soil should be without weed seeds and pathogens. Dig a 1 and a 1/2 ft by 1 and a half 1/2 ft deep pit. Mix approximately 1 Kg of Compost with the dug out soil. Make a solution of 20 ml of Anti Termite solution and 4 litres of water. Pour half of the solution in the pit. Take the plant out of the grow bag carefully not disturbing the roots and slowly put it inside the pit. Fill the pit with the mixture of sand and compost. Pour the rest of the Anti Termite solution and water the plant liberally. The plant should get adequate sunlight.

Greenfield Eco Solutions offers a wide range of ‘Certified Organic’ fertilizers, growing media and soil amendments as well as soil-less growing media to cater to your needs. For terrace/rooftop and container gardening we recommend going in for soil-less plantation.
Water your plants: Water the plants at soil level. Do not over-irrigate. Just keep the growing media or the soil moist, not wet.
Keeping insect-pests at bay: Add organic pesticides and insecticides in small quantities to the plants to protect them from insect and pests. Greenfield Eco solutions products are fortified with bio-pesticides so incidences of insect-pest infestation are minimal. Addition of a fistful of wood ash every three months to your soil further deters slugs, snails, aphids and fruit fly.  

Happy Planting!

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