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Silicon Based Soil Enricher for Increasing Resistance to Fungi, pathogens, Diseases and Insect Damage.

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Application (@ 150-250 kg/ha):

1. It can be added in soil before planting, at the time of sowing it can be applied along with the seeds.

2. For sugarcane, rice, cassava, vegetables and other crops it can be mixed in soil during ploughing.

3. For rubber, tea, coffee, and fruit and flower plantations a small part of it can be applied near roots while sowing and in older plants by digging and applying near roots. 

Silicon applications have been shown to break up a compacted soil to allow air and water to penetrate deeper, increase moisture retention capacity by 35-40 % via better soil structure, and decrease the toxic effects of Manganese, Iron and Aluminium. High silica absorption by plants also improves nutrient uptake and drought resistance while increasing resistance to fungi, pathogens, diseases and insect damage. Better growth rates and improved yields are associated with silicon applications. 

Although silicon is an abundant element but it is mostly locked up in crystalline form and plant available silica is only available from amorphous silica. Greenfield Silicon-based Soil Enricher is pH neutral (7-8), rich in Calcium, Silica, Sodium, Carbonate and Sulphate, and available in 2-5 mm amorphous silica granular form. It:

Aids healthy growth and productive development of crops.

Improves agronomic performance and efficiency of major and trace elements.

Enhances plants’ ability to resist attack of insect pests and fungal attacks and alleviates abiotic stresses due to soil acidity, salinity and toxicities.

Reduces water loss and transpiration.

Reclaims alkali soils resulting in higher yields and quality of produce.

The results are visible within 15-20 days in the form of colour of leaves which will be darker and growth will be faster compared to normal crops without the application of Greenfield Silicon-based Soil Enricher.

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