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100 % organic soil conditioner, improves soil and plant health, prevents nutrient losses, reduces contamination, retains water, imparts drought resistance, controls fungal and soil-borne diseases and increases crop yield; ideal for organic and green cultivation, ensures bigger size and quality of produce, increases productivity of vegetables, fruits and flowers.

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Spread on surface and incorporate in top 10-15 cm soil with a Khurpi

1. New planting of vegetables, flowers, fruits, gardens, lawns, trees and shrubs             0.5-5 kg/m2

2. Existing vegetables, flowers, fruits, gardens, lawns, trees and shrubs                             0.5-2.5 kg/m2 

BioChar is a 100 % organic soil amendment/conditioner made from biomass via pyrolysis.  The BioChar is a stable solid, rich in carbon and can remain in the soil for much longer time. It offers a number of benefits for soil health and in turn plant health, increases crop yields, prevents runoff and leaching of nutrients below plant root zone, diminishes contamination and pollution to the surrounding environment, and helps plants through periods of drought more easily. Therefore, it is ideal for organic food production. 

Greenfieldeco BioChar is manufactured through pyrolysis of woody biomass i.e. heating the biomass to 400-500oC in a low oxygen environment.

Our BioChar is suitable for vegetables, flowers, fruits, home/kitchen gardens, lawns, trees, shrubs, etc. and:

Is a long lasting love for soil; benefits the soil for 100s of years.

Increases nitrogen and other important nutrients, encourages micro-organisms to thrive in the soil, and thus, increases soil fertility.

Retains water, nutrients, phosphorus, agro-chemicals, etc. longer than compost and peat moss, thus, imparting drought resistance to plants.

Provides protection against some foliar, fungal and soil-borne diseases.

Ensures bigger size and quality of produce, and more abundance of vegetables, fruits and flowers, and thus, more productivity.

Returns carbon back to the soil that would have been released as CO2 into the atmosphere, also called carbon sequestration; this ‘carbon negative’ process can help stop global warming.  

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