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Screened Gypsum for Lawns, Vegetable Gardens, Fruit Orchards, Flowers, Potted Plants, Nursery, Greenhouse, Landscaping, Sports Field, Golf Courses, Agricultural Crops, Mushroom growing, Grasslands etc.

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Spread screened gypsum on the soil surface and apply irrigation water.

Potted plants             5-50 g

Nursery, greenhouses             5-20 % of medium 

Vegetable gardens, fruit orchards                        50-250 g/m2

Flowers, mushroom growing, crops                     50-250 g/m2

Lawns, grasslands     1 kg/m2

Landscaping, golf courses, sports field use     0.5-1.5 kg/m2

Gypsum is a naturally occurring pH neutral mineral. Screened gypsum is a soluble source of the essential plant nutrients, calcium and sulphur, and improves overall plant growth, quality of produce and crop production. Screened gypsum also prevents dispersion of soil particles; reduces runoff, soil erosion and surface crusting; promotes seedling emergence; increases water infiltration rates and movement through soil profile; and improves the physical and chemical properties of soil including soil structure, aeration and drainage. Thus, from the standpoint of plant nutrition and as a soil conditioner/amendment, screened gypsum helps soil to be more productive and more fruitful than any other product on earth. 

Our 100 % natural screened gypsum is suitable for all types of lawns, vegetable gardens, fruit orchards, flowers, potted plants, nursery, greenhouse, landscaping, sports field use, golf courses, agricultural crops, mushroom growing, grasslands, etc. and:

•Induces soil organic matter and stabilizes the organic components of the soil.

•Increases the number of earthworms in the soil.

•Improves acid soils and treats aluminium toxicity.

•Enhances Water Use Efficiency by 25-100 %; saves up to 33 % irrigation water.

•Enhances deep rooting and the ability of plants to take up adequate supplies of water and nutrients during drought periods. 

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