Soil Amendments

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"Certified Organic" Soil Conditioner
Certified by NPOP and Lacon Quality.Soil Conditioner supplied by us is ideal for organic growers eng..
Rs190 Rs160
Bio Char
100 % organic soil conditioner, improves soil and plant health, prevents nutrient losses, reduces co..
Rs210 Rs180
Crushed Rock Phosphate
Rock Phosphate is a mined rock that contains limestone, silica and clay as well as high concentratio..
Rs180 Rs140
Dolomitic Limestone Powder
Greenfield Dolomitic Limestone Powder is suitable for arable crops, horticulture, pasture lands, tur..
Rs180 Rs150
Screened Gypsum
Screened Gypsum for Lawns, Vegetable Gardens, Fruit Orchards, Flowers, Potted Plants, Nursery, Green..
Rs185 Rs150
Silicon Soil Enricher
Silicon Based Soil Enricher for Increasing Resistance to Fungi, pathogens, Diseases and Insect Damag..
Rs280 Rs225
Sodium Bentonite Clay Powder
Sodium Bentonite Clay Powder is pH neutral, anti-toxin, anti-bacterial bentonite clay powder for wat..
Rs170 Rs150
Expanded Vermiculite is permanent, clean, odourless, neutral pH, inert, fire-proof, non-abrasive, no..
Rs230 Rs150
Wood Dust
Wood Dust can be used as soil mulch; as soil amendment/conditioner by incorporating into soil; and a..
Rs180 Rs120
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