Greenbelt Development

Plantation, biodiversity conservation, improving microclimate, monitoring ecological health, maintaining greenery. 

The purpose of a green belt around the industrial site is to capture the fugitive emissions, attenuate the noise generated and improve the aesthetics. The proposed green belt at the .project site will form an effective barrier between the plant and the surroundings. Open spaces, where tree plantation may not be possible, will be covered with shrubs and grass to prevent erosion of topsoil. Adequate attention pay to the plantation of trees, their maintenance and protection based on the geology, soil condition and topography of the site area.

A wide range of plant species wilt planted in and around the premises to help capture the fugitive emissions and noise levels from the plant premises. This wide range covers plants of the fast-growing type with thick canopy cover, perennial green nature, native origin and a large leaf area index. A specialist in horticulture may be appointed to identify any other native species and also supervise greenbelt development.

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