Growing a Cactus Plant

Growing a Cactus Plant

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Cacti are typically desert-dwelling plants and literally thrive in dry and hot conditions. They can be grown both indoors and in the garden.

Cacti are quite low maintenance plants and do not require much tending.

The secret to growing healthy cacti include providing them with plenty of sunlight, very little watering, and using the right soil.

Growing a new cactus plant

1.      You can grow a new cacti from a cacti bud that shoots from the healthy mother plant or buy from a local nursery or garden store.
2.      Choose a bud at least 1"" in length. Break it off from the parent plant and lay it on a flat surface with plenty of sunshine for about 2 days. 
3.      Choose a pot with well drainage so that excess water is drained out. 
4.      Cacti need a soil which drains very quickly. Choose a medium such as Greenfield Perlite Potting Mix which has been specifically developed for cactus & succulents and is a                fine blend of Perlite and other organic substances.
5.      Push the cutting deep enough in the soil so that it stands on its own. Gently firm the soil around the bud using your hands. Be very careful at this stage so as to avoid                         being hurt by the spines.
6.      Moisten the soil. Keep it moist till the bud starts to grow and develop roots. The growth may take 4 to 10 days depending upon the weather conditions. DO NOT                  OVERWATER. It may lead to fungus and rotting of the roots.
7.      Place the pot at a place that gets lots of bright but indirect sunlight until new growth starts to appear. May take 1 to 2 months.
8.      Once established, transfer the pot at a place where there is several hours of direct sunlight. Most species prefer lot of direct heat and sunlight. However, if your cactus          starts showing a tinge of yellow, orange or looks bleached, move it in shade but not at a cold and damp place.
 9.     A cactus needs watering once a week. When the soil feels dry to touch, water the plant until the soil is thoroughly damp. DO NOT OVERWATER. It may kill the plant.
10.    Last but not the least, A cactus thrives in fresh air, so provide plenty of it. We suggest repotting it or changing the soil annually so that the plant continues to thrive.
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